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Are you saving your money in a 32-day account or a savings account at your bank? If the answer is yes, then you are allowing inflation to eat away at your wealth. In South Africa, the inflation rate per year is approximately 5%. That means if your money isn’t growing by 5% per year, you are effectively losing money. This is why investing your money (as opposed to keeping it in the bank) is crucial. Over the long term, investments usually provide a return of approximately 10% per year. So by investing, you are not only protecting your wealth from diminishing in value, you are also putting your money to work for you so it grows in value.

Wealth Creation - Investing

Some of the investment companies I invest with…

Wealth Creation - Investing in Property

Investing In Property

We would all like to invest into property. If done correctly, it’s a fantastic way to grow your wealth. However, investing in property is a big commitment. You are leveraging the bank’s money and because of this, you are earning a return based on an amount that is much larger. As a result, the negative or positive results of such an investment are magnified. If not done properly, it won’t prove to be the amazing investment you would’ve hoped it to be, or even worse, it could impact your finances negatively. However, if done correctly, you could become a much wealthier person. Performing market research, finding properties with high demand that could potentially fetch higher rental income and negotiating discounts on agent and attorney fees are some of the things I can share with you.

Saving For Education

Saving for your children’s education can be tricky. When do you start? How much should you save? And should you compromise your retirement savings for their education? There are probably a dozen more questions surrounding this subject. People usually jump to education policies when they are looking to save for their child’s education. This may not always be the best solution. There are other investment products that could yield better results and could be more tax efficient. Just because it isn’t called an ‘education plan’, doesn’t mean you can’t use the money for your child’s education.

Let me structure your investments to optimize on each of your investment goals. Let me calculate and determine exactly how much you will require for your child’s education. And let’s do this in the most cost-effective, tax efficient manner.

Wealth Creation - Saving for education

Wealth Creation - Saving on Taxes

Saving On Taxes

Now this is an exciting topic with so much potential to positively affect an individual’s financial position! Unfortunately, it’s a topic that most people overlook. I believe a tax efficient approach to your finances is an integral aspect of sound financial planning. Let me enlighten you and show you how to engage in tax-efficient financial planning.

Saving For Retirement

Retirement annuities are considered the best way to build wealth, primarily because of the tax savings that an individual can benefit from. It’s easy to delay saving for your retirement – simply keep telling yourself it’s still a long way off. But be aware, 7 out of 10 South Africans who retire, have not saved sufficiently to maintain their lifestyle. Don’t be one of them.

In South Africa, inflation is relatively high so saving early and saving enough is crucial. In addition, ensure that you are keeping informed on how your retirement investment is performing. Considering it is a long-term investment, the final outcome is highly dependent on the investment performance over the period. It could very well make the difference between a comfortable retirement and a struggling one.

Wealth Creation - Saving for Retirement

Wealth Creation - About to retire

About To Retire?

You have saved up for the last few decades and are about to retire. You are about to make some vital financial decisions and it’s crucial that you deal with a qualified CFP® financial adviser who knows the tax legislation as well as the technical details of the various post-retirement products that are available. Don’t hesitate to get 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions before committing to a financial adviser. Let me provide you with my opinion and I truly believe you will find great value in the knowledge I share.


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