What my clients have to say about me

Testimonial - Dr Barbara Boswell

Dr Barbara Boswell

Munaf Mukadam is an excellent financial advisor whom I am happy to recommend. Since working with him, I have adjusted my savings rate and investments so that I am adequately prepared for life's emergencies, as well as retirement. His advice is thoughtful, practical and adapted to one's unique situation.

Testimonial - Phumla Nene

Phumla Nene

I have been a client of Munaf since the beginning of 2016. The experience I have had with him so far has been an amazing one. He has given me sound, clear and personal as well as professional advice. He has always made time to keep contact with me. He does follow ups and always ensures that we meet on a regular basis to update me on my financial situation.

Testimonial - Louise Naidu

Louise Naidu

Munaf gave me professional advice regarding my finances. He did a well presented and understandable presentation. He also explained every detail regarding the investments that I chose. He is very helpful and will go the extra mile to assist where possible. He is a very honest financial adviser. I will recommend him to anyone as a financial adviser.

Testimonial - Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey

After having a bad run in with my previous financial advisor, Munaf has definitely reassured me that I am indeed in good hands. My financial planning for the future feels more secure and I have also gained valuable insights and knowledge to help save and think about how I use and invest my money. Thank you Munaf!

Testimonial - Prithika Williams

Prithika Williams

I worked closely with Munaf when I decided to open up my retirement annuity and a few other financial policies. I enjoyed Munaf’s refreshing approach to analysing numbers and providing great detail on the policies that I was interested in.

Testimonial - Amy-rae Rispel

Amy-rae Rispel

Munaf was recommended to me by a family member who had personally benefited from his financial advice (which I believe is the best type of referrals) and so I was convinced that his expertise would be sound.

Testimonial - Gabeebah Nackerdien

Gabeebah Nackerdien

At first I was sceptical..."giving my money" away to a company to keep and manage. I believed that I was an independent woman and could manage on my own, but the more I thought about it and the more time passed on I realised I was not managing... I was not saving at all!

Testimonial Blank

Penelope Malepe

I have known Munaf as a Financial Advisor for over a year now. I was first introduced to him when I joined Liberty as an employee in May 2015. He is one of the most helpful Financial Advisors I have ever known. He is very efficient and takes time to explain information to me if unclear. I’ve always been amazed at his level of professionalism and genuine interest in assisting me as a client.

Testimonial - Khwezikazi Nkabinde

Khwezikazi Nkabinde

My name is Khwezikazi Nkabinde and Munaf has been my first financial advisor. I do not have a finance background but he made an effort that he educate me in a language that I would understand and today I can say I am financially literate.

Testimonial - Julia Losper

Julia Losper

In 2014 I was fresh out of University as a pharmacy graduate. I knew that I had to start investing as soon as I started earning a salary. I had no idea where to start, so I approached a few financial advisors who threw a lot of investment terms at me and didn’t quite win me over with their persistent nature. I felt over whelmed and opted to invest via my bank, so instead I chose the safe option and opened a money market account. Not long after that a friend of mine met with a Liberty life consultant and she shared the various options of investments she was made aware off by the consultant and she told me how the consultant explained everything in a manner she could understand and even offered to show her how to trade stock on her own if she so wished. I have always been told it’s bad to have your eggs in one basket, so I decided to meet with Munaf and find out more about the options available. On our first meeting I could immediately tell that Munaf was a sincere individual who has a genuine passion for what he does.

Testimonial - Cheryl Scheepers

Cheryl Scheepers

I met Munaf when he called me regarding my Portfolio with the Underwriter. No one was taking “care” of me and I presume, eventually Munaf was given my portfolio. At first, as with any strange call, one tends to be very apprehensive, however, with his soothing mannerism, he quickly won my focus and attention.

Testimonial - Judith Stadler

Judith Stadler

Your transparency, patience and guidance really appreciated